Why are we doing this and who are we?

“Why are Julie and you spending so much of your time doing all of this work for this late artist?”  Often, we are asked this question.  The answer is simple.  After studying and appreciating the artwork of James Spencer Russell, and after researching his life story, we firmly believe that he is Indiana’s finest modern artist and his story needs to be told and deserves to be a part of Indiana’s history.  Our book and the exhibition at The Indiana State Museum are the culmination of an idea that was first thought of nearly eight years ago and three years of research and writing.

Who are we?

Satch in Kewanna researching James Spencer Russell, 2013

Satch in Kewanna researching James Spencer Russell, 2013

Julie is an artist and a realtor. Nine years ago Julie exited the corporate world. After twenty seven years of community banking, she gave up a solid career to follow the dream of continuing her artistic vision that began as a young girl. Julie uses the name “Satch” for her artwork. She lives with Jim’s artwork every day and constantly gains inspiration from his life story and artwork. Julie is represented by Craig Smith Gallery in Union Pier, Michigan and Oak Park, Illinois. Julie’s main medium is assemblage and she also paints. Her website is at satch-artist.com.

Ron with Jame Spencer Russell art, 2014

Ron with James Spencer Russell art, 2014

I am a golf course architect and a photographer. I grew up with golf course architecture as my father, Gary, entered the profession when I was only ten years old. It is both a challenge and gratifying to design something as complicated as a golf course across a palette as large as 200 acres. For the past twenty eight years I have studied and practiced the art of photography. Over the years I have used various cameras of different sized formats. Currently I use plastic cameras such as the Holga, a Polaroid 100, and the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. My golf design website is at ronkerngolfarch.com and my photography website is at ronkernphotographer.com.

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