New Acquisition – “H”

Julie and I have recently acquired a piece by Russell, “H,” which is the first letter in H.C.E., the main character in James Joyce’s novel, Finnegans Wake.  It is a nice example of his work while exhibiting in New York City under an exclusive contract with Ruth White Gallery on 57th Street.  It appears to be one part of a three part piece.  We know where the other two pieces are, both owned by different collectors.  Unfortunately, it does not appear possible to acquire all three.

“H” is in need of restoration.  Over the winter, Julie and her brother Ed, a fine woodworker, will be working together to get the piece into good shape.  We will be documenting the process with photographs and videos.  When the piece is properly restored, on a date to be determined, it will be exhibited at the Circle City Industrial Complex along with Satch Lost and Found Art Studio/Gallery.


“H” was exhibited at Ruth White Gallery and in the 1966 National Cranbrook Art Exhibition.  Below is a clipping from a review of that exhibition.  Obviously, Louise Bruner, was not impressed with much of the art work.

Religious Exhibit Cranbrook 1966Web

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