Info About the New Trade Book Version of “Style, Elegance and Wit”

From the start, Julie and I were intent on creating a printed book that would be worthy of presenting the story and art of an incredible artist of merit, James Spencer Russell.  The first version of Style, Elegance and Wit is an image-wrap hardcover book printed on quality paper.  It is beautiful, and we are very happy with it.  However, to present a book that is made in the United States and is printed on demand, the price is quite high at $60.00.

Julie and I have always been concerned that there was not another high quality lower cost option available. We would like Jim’s story to be available to as many people as possible.  Recently, Blurb made quality trade books available.  I reworked the book’s design into the trade format.  With trepidation, we ordered a proof copy.  We were concerned that the book would not be of high enough quality to meet our, or Jim’s standards.  I am happy to say that both Julie and I are thrilled with the quality of this new trade version, and it is now available from Blurb (print on demand) for purchase at $30.00! (<- Click on the link to go to the purchase page.)

Check out the video below as we show both versions of the printed book, Style Elegance and Wit:  Rediscovering the Art and Life of James Spencer Russell.

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