James Spencer Russell, Eras

Jim’s life can be separated into nine eras.  While this does not begin to tell the entire story, it does give a thumbnail sketch of his life’s journey.  You will need to see the exhibition at the Indiana State Museum and read our book to have a more complete understanding and appreciation for Jim’s incredibly rich story and his art.

James Spencer Russell – “Eras”

Monticello/Kewanna (childhood):  1915 – 1924 (birth to age 9)

New Mexico (childhood, New Mexico Military Institute):  1915 – 1934 (age 9 to age 19)

University (University of New Mexico, Yale, return to UNM to teach):  1934 – 1940 (age 19 to age 25)

World War II and Return to Yale 1942 – 1947:  (age 27 to age 32)

Macyʼs, Theater and NBC TV (incl. trip to Europe 1957):  1947 – 1958 (age 32 to age 43)

Professional Artist:

Early New York City:  1958 – 1964 (two exhibitions) (age 43 to age 49)

Ruth White Gallery, New York City:  1964 – 1970 (sixteen exhibitions) (age 49 to age 55)

Post Ruth White Gallery:  1970 – 1973 (four exhibitions) (age 55 to age 58)

Kewanna (retirement):  1976 – 2000 (three exhibitions) (age 61 to age 85)

Self Portrait, circa 1955

Self Portrait, pencil drawing, circa 1955

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