Response to Our Book and Orders

The response to our book has been fantastic.  Patrons are purchasing multiple copies to donate to various libraries and institutions and many other have put in reserve orders for their copies.

Our book is being printed in high quality in the USA via Blurb, and it is being printed in limited quantities, therefore the book’s price reflects that.  We could not do a print run of 750+ and have the book printed in China (which is very typical today) to keep the cost down.  The price of our book covers the cost of printing it, nothing else.  We are self-publishing the book through Julie’s company, Open Sky Enterprises, Inc.

We have just ordered another print run because of demand.  We will have books available at the exhibition opening.  We are also taking reservations from anyone that wants to make sure that they get however many copies they need.  Just contact us at to make a reservation.

This is amazing to be holding in our hands the fruits of our labor from the last three years.  Yes, it is exciting!
Julie With Our Book

One comment

  1. Always a pleasure to learn and read about gems like these that sparkle the Hoosier landscape with their art. The whole chorus of Indiana’s hosting so many influentials makes our state map a glitterbox. Misch Kohn, June Wayne, Cary Shafer, Kay Rose, James Spencer Russell et al who have illuminated our world with their interpretation of life.

    Thank you to Julie Satch Kern and Ron Kern for not letting us forget one of our best and brightest.

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