Update, Book, Exhibition and Pencil Drawing

We’ve made some corrections and tweaked some photographs in our book and new proofs are on the way.  Soon we will be ordering books for the exhibition opening and for additional orders.  So far we have two patrons that have ordered books not only for themselves and their friends, but to donate to various libraries and institutions.  As we are taking on the publishing of our book, we would like a reasonable idea of how many books we should order to distribute at the release date, which will be April 4, 2014.  The final price has not been determined.  We will post that as soon as we know.  The book checks in at 102 pages in total.

Last evening we had an exhibition committee meeting.  We are in the final stretch of getting the exhibition designed, constructed and hung.  Mark Ruschman has done an excellent job designing the exhibition and curating the work that will be shown.  Satch’s timeline of Russell’s life that she made for writing our book is the inspiration for a timeline that will greet exhibition viewers.  It’s design is complete.  The exhibition catalog’s design is moving forward and will be an excellent document of the exhibition.  It features a forward  by Steve Conant, essays by Wade Bussert and George Ciscle and I wrote the preface and body.  Many photographs of works in the exhibition will be featured.

The piece that accompanies this post is a pencil drawing.  I don’t know the size and I can only estimate that this work was created by Russell sometime in the 1970’s.  Russell’s pencil drawings are something to see.  The shear number of pencil strokes in each piece is amazing.

Pencil drawing, circa 1970s

Pencil drawing, circa 1970s

A selection of his pencil drawings will be shown in the exhibition.

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