Preview Edition to Printer

This past Sunday we sent the special preview edition of our book, Style, Elegance and Wit:  Rediscovering the Art and Life of James Spencer Russell, to the printer.

This edition has limited distribution to those involved with the exhibition and others associated with research and PR.

Design of the final book is underway.  Along with the manuscript it will feature photographs and documents from the James Spencer Russell archive as well as photographs from Satch’s collection.

Back cover, preview edition

Back cover, preview edition

Below is the back cover of the special preview edition.  The photograph is of Jim in his NYC studio, circa 1965.


  1. Enjoyed reading this! Just a quick heads up if you haven’t corrected this already: I lived in Alexandria, VA, not West VA. Thanks, Diane

  2. Thanks Diane. The proof copy is what is coming from the printer so we will make that change. Thanks again!

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