James Spencer Russell in Taos, New Mexico, Part One

In the fall of 1934, during the Depression, Jim enrolled in the University of New Mexico.  He studied painting under renowned artist Raymond JonsonJonson was responsible for bringing modernism to New Mexico and was a part of a group of painters dubbed The Modernists who were granted special exhibition space in Santa Fe’s Museum of New Mexico.

Jim spent a summer studying in Taos, New Mexico.  Below is a print that certainly appears to be from his time in Taos.  It is a haunting image that reveals the magic of Taos and the surrounding area along with two figures that are solemn and appear to be struggling, as their heads are down and the man is bent from the waist.

After viewing this print, one wonders if Jim had any contact with Gene Kloss, one of New Mexico’s beloved print-makers.  (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Part Two is here.

Taos,  circa 1935, 9"x11," James Spencer Russell, Collection of Julie and Ron Kern

Taos, circa 1935, 9″x11,” James Spencer Russell, Collection of Julie and Ron Kern


  1. Dynamite print; you don’t by any chance have an extra copy in your collection you might be willing to sell??!!Just curious!! And thanks again for your presentation at the last meeting. Can’t wait for the exhibit. Happy Holidays. John

  2. Thanks for the comments, and you are welcome, John. The print is pretty fantastic. Julie has another printed in blue, but she is in love with this print. Have a wonderful Holiday season!

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