Kewanna Visit, October 2, 2013

Satch inventorying items from the James Russell archive

Satch and I headed up to Kewanna last Wednesday to visit with Wade Bussert and Diane Tesler.  We also went to gather items that will be displayed in the exhibition, Style, Elegance and Wit:  The Artwork of James Spencer Russell (opening April 4, 2014).  As always, Diane hosted us in her studio which made for excellent work space.  And Wade Bussert was there to provide Jim’s archive and assist us in any we needed.  Big and huge thanks to Diane and Wade.

Gallery cards, documents, Jim’s bottle of pencils, paints, letters, photographs, Jim’s Bronze Star, casts of Jim’s nose and thumb are among items that we collected that are being loaned to the exhibition by Wade Bussert.

It was a beautiful day in Kewanna.  We had fog almost all the way up, but by lunch time the sun had poked through and the fog was blown away by a warm southern Fall breeze.

Kewanna was very quiet with the exception of a few cars going through town and the constant stream of semis rolling through to and from the coil factory.  We had carry-out lunch from the local watering hole, The Kibitzer.

On the steps of the Kibitzer

Late in the afternoon I was getting a little thirsty.  On the way into town we noticed Kewanna’s little convenience store/gas station had closed.  There is a pop machine outside the door into the hardware store, so I headed across the street toward the pop machine.  Deciding to check out what might be inside the hardware store I opened the door and immediately saw a spread of snacks and candy bars.  Apparently the hardware store was picking up the slack of the convenience store closing.  After a bit the one employee came out of the office and I paid her for an Almond Joy.  I asked whether there were any other options for a cold drink in town.  She told me that there was another pop machine in the laundromat and that was it.  She then informed me that the hardware store’s pop machine featured Pepsi products and the laundromat’s contained Coke products.  So, the free market in the form of the Cola Wars is hard at work in Kewanna.  I decided that a large cold bottle of water from the hardware’s pop machine would do the trick.


  1. Lindsey Kozubik

    You can also buy cans of soda at the Kibitzer too!! Or carry out beer if you so desire…. I love the photo.

  2. Thanks for the info and thanks for the kind words.

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