New York Times Review of Jim’s First Exhibit at the Ruth White Gallery

Below is a review of Jim’s first exhibit at the Ruth White Gallery from an original New York Times clipping.  The beginning of the review is located in the lower left of the page.  (You can click on the photograph and enlarge it so it can be easily read.)

Jim’s first one-man show at the Ruth White Gallery at 42 East 57th Street, New York City, was Constructions which ran from April 21 through May 16, 1964.  The exhibition was reviewed in the New York Times by Brian O’Doherty, the preeminent New York art critic of the era.  Born in Ireland in 1928 O’Doherty graduated from medical school, came to the United States, and after a short stint at Harvard doing research, he dedicated himself to the service and support of the arts.  He served as editor for Art in America and was an important member of the senior staff at the National Endowment for the Arts and created the public television programs American Masters and Great Performances.  O’Doherty penned the series of groundbreaking essays Inside the White Cube, the Ideology of the Gallery Space.

A positive review in the New York Times from O’Doherty could be a boost to an artist’s standing.  The last sentence of his review certainly gained Jim significant respect and notoriety.

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