ISM Curator Mark Rushman Views Satch’s James Russell Collection

Jim's Sketchbooks

Jim’s Sketchbooks

On Monday, September 10 Satch presented her collection of James Spencer Russell’s artwork to Mark Ruschman, Indiana State Museum Chief Curator of Fine Arts.  Viewing individual’s and museum’s collections is the first step in generating the content of the exhibition.

Satch’s collection is wide ranging in content and time span.  It contains everything from sketch books, studies, plein air water colors to completed constructions, paintings and prints.

It was excellent talking with Mark about the work and getting his feelings about it.  And, it is exciting to be working with someone so accomplished and that has such an appreciation for the art of self expression.

Satch’s collection contains constructions that Russell created as a response to the inspiration that he found in Finnegans Wake, the definitive work by the author James Joyce.  James Russell was a member of the James Joyce Society.  A portion of Satch’s collection is based upon the 100 letter words as found in Finnegans Wake.  This is one of those works:

100 Letter Word, 1964, 20 3/4″ x 20 1/2″ (From the collection of Julie “Satch” Kern)

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